1th – 15th Sep | at the University of Canberra Public Hospital

OPENING : 6th September | 12:00noon

Reticulum weaves together interviews from immunodeficient families with music inspired by the increasing isolation of the stars.’

This sound sculpture is titled Reticulum, a word that has many meanings, all derived from the Latin for a small net.  The work positively advocates for the ways vulnerable people have been affected by COVID-19.

Reticulum weaves together interviews from immunodeficient families with music inspired by the increasing isolation of the stars. The music is named after the constellation Reticulum, written by Estonian composer Urmas Sisask, arranged by Michael Sollis, and recorded by his group The Griffyn Ensemble.

Michael Sollis is a celebrated creator and musician, who is Artistic Director of Education for Musica Viva Australia and is Director and Founder of The Griffyn Ensemble.

Reticulum will be located at the University of Canberra Hospital for a limited time as part of the ACT Government’s Creative Recovery and Resilience Program, City Commissions project that connected artists with communities to create responses to their experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic in our city. The sound is activated when people approach the sculpture. We invite you to take a moment to listen and share the experiences of some inspiring Canberrans.


Michael creates captivating artistic journeys by sharing diverse worldviews with curious people, inviting audiences to discover and question the world around them. As a composer, artistic director, and mandolinist, Michael has had a unique impact on the Australian music scene. This has included his work as founder, composer, and director of the acclaimed Griffyn Ensemble, and the very first Artistic Director, Education for Musica Viva Australia – working with Australia’s finest musicians to give over 280,000 students every year the best opportunity to discover music and creativity.

Michael is among the most sought-out creative voices in Australia, producing new work through diverse collaborations – whether it be with visual artists, dancers, astronomers, geneticists, farmers, or Rugby League clubs. Michael has created ground breaking works in locations across the globe: in Australia from rural Tennant Creek to his home city of Canberra, and internationally from Papua New Guinea to Norway. As an Australian composer his works have been performed by groups such as the Australian String Quartet, the Australian Voices, and internationally by exhAust, the peärls before swïne experience, and Red Note Ensemble.

Photo: Keith Saunders

Regarded as one of Australia’s foremost arts educators and teaching artists, Michael supports educators, arts organisations, communities and businesses to create lasting change through creativity and the arts. Michael’s approach enables people of all ages and backgrounds to discover their own unique creative pathway. He also speaks at conferences and forums to communicate the importance of creativity and arts advocacy.

Michael’s research into music and language has been published by ANU E-Press and the Australian Journal of Linguistics.