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Grace Blake

About the work

Typical of most of my work, this series is informed by my innate human tendency for biophilic and techno curious speculation. Branching out into more formalised sculptural work, these constructions are designed as small scale architectural experiments, that hybridise forms from anthropods and flora and structural building techniques. These forms are small enough to remain sculptural art objects, yet are large enough to create microclimates and impact the natural process of their direct surrounds. The series was inspired by the Sanzhi Pod city in Twainwan, an abandoned futuristic holiday village that came to house a specialised biodome only discovered within the pod city upon its demolition.



Untitled by Grace Blake Untitled by Grace Blake Untitled by Grace Blake Untitled by Grace Blake Untitled by Grace Blake Untitled by Grace Blake

About the artist

Grace Blake is a digital media and installation artist base in Canberra. Central to her practice is a tension between the virtual and tangible, which is developed by using 3D modelling and editing software to generate hypothetical architecture and objects, which are increasingly placed within accompanying installations. Recently, her works look to establish a common thread connecting ancient and future organic, artificial and hybridised life on earth, a commonality between human and nonhuman beings. Blake’s artworks act to extrapolate a near post anthopeance future where human ruins house a new life, a world populated hi-tech and ambiguous objects. Blake strives to craft a speculative reality and examine what is compelling about creating science fiction futures.

  • Untitled
  • 2020
  • Perspex, PLA, screws, stainless steel
  • Sculpture
  • W 80cm x D 40 cm x H 130 cm