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Glen Hayward

About the work

At different moments in the fabrication of any artwork I love the openness and I love the ability to demand remarkable things from my work. As I move closer to exhibiting the work, the companion in my head that follows me throughout my day; of surfaces/textures and a patchwork of what I am doing and what I am trying to achieve, disappears. My relationship moves closer towards you and yet I can’t quite inhabit the space you do and I am full of hope for what you will gain from the experience. My partner thought it would be helpful for me to tell you I think the tree has a quality similar to our own at this moment because it is pollarded. The lumpen limbs seem to fill with energy as its extensions into the world were removed and used for firewood or chipped. I have watched us come out of lockdowns and heard our struggles to articulate our experiences and I wish to extend my sympathy.


Y love by Glen Hayward Y love by Glen Hayward

  • Y love
  • 2020
  • Pollarded Fibreglass Tree
  • Sculpture