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Tom Buckland + Nigel Dobson

About the work

On one foggy evening in 1947, Katherine Simms and her daughter were driving past Lake George when they witnessed a bright light hovering above their car. The object landed in a nearby field and the pair observed a solid disc-like structure emitting coloured beams with sparks shooting out from the underside. Years later in 1962, residents of Tuggeranong witnessed a spherical object land in a local paddock and four illuminated beings float to the ground whilst an armada of silver cigar shaped juggernauts skimmed Queanbeyan rooftops startling residents.

After many reports of unexplained phenomena, Prime Minister Harold Holt established the “Archives of the Unknown and Unexplained” in 1966. Since its conception, this highly secret government department has documented UFOs, cryptozoology and paranormal phenomena in the nation’s capital. In 2022 its archives were accidentally leaked to the public. This collection of eye-witness accounts, drawings, photographs and video will prove that we are not alone in the capital.


Archives of the Unknown and Unexplained by Tom Buckland + Nigel Dobson Archives of the Unknown and Unexplained by Tom Buckland + Nigel Dobson Archives of the Unknown and Unexplained by Tom Buckland + Nigel Dobson

Tom Buckland

About the artist

Tom Buckland is an Australian visual artist who deals in a correspondence of imaginary worlds. With sculpture, performance, and video he creates work heavily influenced by his own fascination with science fiction and fantasy, topped off with a refined joyful absurdism. He enjoys playing with audience interaction, taking much enjoyment in transporting his audience to other worlds across space and time. Tom graduated from the Australian National University School of Art with a Bachelor of Visual Arts with Honours in 2015 and was the recipient of the John and Elizabeth Baker Honours scholarship and the Canberra Contemporary Art Space graduate award. His work is held in numerous public and private collections and has been featured in numerous exhibitions internationally and across Australia.

Tom Buckland + Nigel Dobson

Nigel Dobson

About the artist

Nigel is an Australian artist whose work is influenced by the ideas of UFO’s, outer space and the extra-terrestrial, blended with the significance of ancient relics such as cave paintings, Stonehenge and the pyramids.  By mixing these juxtaposing factors he creates artworks that ancient elements of humankind with glimpses to the futuristic.

Nigel graduated from ANU Bachelor of Sculpture in 2014 and completed a Masters at NAS in 2019.

Nigel’s two primary artistic mediums are large steel sculptures and photography.

Tom Buckland + Nigel Dobson

  • Archives of the Unknown and Unexplained
  • 2022
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