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Song Street Project

About the work

‘DREAM COMFORT MEMORY DESPAIR‘ Song Street Project’ is a developing installation-based series of works that sees fragments of songs placed in the landscape – in all contexts: open space, laneways, driveways, car parks, stairways and building forecourts. It adopts the medium and format of road signage linemarking to provoke a double-take by the viewer. Works can be prosaic, literal, elegiac or ironic, and provide a commentary on the landscape quality of the urban environment.

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About the artist

‘Song Street Project’ is a collaboration between Karina Harris and Neil Hobbs, better known as Harris Hobbs Landscapes. Harris Hobbs has worked with a wide range of artists to integrate art into the public realm. This has included collaboration with memorial design, commissioning works for public and private landscapes, artwork installation, curating sculpture festivals, collaborating with temporary events in the art and design field, and inserting our own art practice into the public realm. In 2015 we launched a new arm of the company, Harris Hobbs Public Projects, with the focus of broadening our connections with artists and connecting the digital to the physical.

Harris Hobbs Public Projects focuses on bringing our landscape architectural training, research and practice to the curatorial component of sculpture, digital and performance art.

In 2015 Karina and Neil delivered the first works from the ‘Song Street Project’, a series of works which see fragments of popular songs stencilled with road signage in the public realm. ‘IT’S ALL ILLUSION ANYWAY’, and ‘OH HONEY IT WAS PARADISE’.

In 2016, Song Street Project delivered ‘AND I THINK TO MYSELF’ to the southern shore of Lake Burley Griffin for the inaugural Contour 556; Canberra’s public art biennial.

  • 2018
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