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Sian Watson

About the work

This work is a reference to the insects that inhabit the Molongo and are key bioindicators to the waters health. This work explores the environmental pressures on the macroinvertebrate world and invites the viewer to consider the unseen impacts in this changing world.



TAXa by Sian Watson TAXa by Sian Watson TAXa by Sian Watson TAXa by Sian Watson TAXa by Sian Watson

About the artist

Canberra based artist, Sian Watson, graduated from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Visual Arts Honours (First Class) in 2015. She was a recipient of many prestigious art awards as part of the Emerging Artist Support Scheme. In 2017, Watson had her first solo exhibition in Canada, since then showing in multiple times in the USA. Watson has had two solo shows in 2020 and has recently installed a public artwork in Hobart Place here in Canberra.


  • TAXa
  • 2020
  • Steel, concrete, cementitious grout, paint
  • Sculpture
  • 220 x 60 x 50 for each work