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Rosalind Lemoh

About the work

Mandarins before the gallery, 2022

Concrete, oxide, anodised aluminium

95cm (h) x 38 cm (w) x 38cm (d)

Mandarins before the gallery, combines a reference to the monolithic presence of brutalist buildings in Canberra with the whimsy of abstract shapes with halved discs to be reminiscent of segments of fruit. The work is inspired by art and friendship and draws from architecture and formalism with a subjective expression.


When she closed her eyes she could see from the inside, 2022

Concrete, perspex, steel

200cm (h) x 90cm (w) x 40cm (w)

This work is a continuation of the ‘stack series’ using the combination of concrete and perspex to explore ideas of form, balance and light. There is a sense of containment and freedom through the work as it seeks to use the rhythm of the repeated shape as well as the wet like swirl of the concrete as it has been mixed and cast. The work speaks to internal states of transference as well as the interchange between the physicality of the body and the spaces of the mind.

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About the artist

Rosalind Lemoh was born in Sierra Leone and graduated from the ANU School of Art with first class honours majoring in Sculture in 2007. Her work has been exhibited in London, Tokyo and New York. She has been a finalist in national exhibitions, including Contour 556, Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, The Royal Bank of Scotland Emerging Art Prize, and the Blake Prize. It is included in collections such as Canberra Hospital and Contini Art Uk (private). Her work uses casting and text with an industrial aesthetic to explore themes around Still Life and memorial. From 2020, she has begun to explore forms based on the ‘stack’ whilst also reflecting on internal thought spaces as architecture.

Rosalind Lemoh
  • Mandarins before the gallery, 2022 | When she closed her eyes she could see from the inside, 2022
  • Sculpture