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Millan Pintos-Lopez

About the work

‘Falling through the Divine’ references the modernist foundations of Canberra and its innate ability to be captured by the viewer in single modernist windows. Breaking down the built Canberra into the Bauhausian foundations of the Circle, Square and Triangle. When suspended the work forces the viewer to view Canberra through this modernist framework and revie their surroundings through the artist’s lens.

Photo credit: Sean Davey

About the artist

Millan Pintos-Lopez has a Bachelor of Visual Arts with Honours majoring in Printmedia and Drawing from the ANU (2014), and has exhibited nationally and locally for the past seven years. Millan has been the Technical Officer at Megalo Print Studio + Gallery for the last five years and has worked as a printer for numerous street artists through Stupid Krap, and tutored in letterpress printing at the ANU and UC. Millan was accepted for a residency in Buenos Aires at Proyecto Ace under their Sub30 Residency program, and completed a residency at University of Honolulu art school in 2015. And was the recipient of a Young Regional Artist Scholarship in 2016 which enable a self funded residency to the Bauhaus Schools in Germany. Millan is currently working as the Technical Officer at the ANU Printmedia and Drawing Department.

  • Falling through the Divine I, II, III
  • 2018
  • Deconstructed plywood, acrylic paint
  • Sculpture