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Mark Booth

About the work

The sinuous form and camouflaged skin of 75.150-88° obliquely references nature. However, its objectification in an exhibition context renders it completely artificial, highlighting the juxtaposition of imitation and the organic, and disguising it, paradoxically, in a conspicuous manner. Camouflage can be adopted to disguise man-made objects and blend them into their immediate localities⎯here it transforms the artificial into the organic and disintegrates structure, distorting form perception and challenging notions of sculptural representation. 

The sculpture alludes to the internal workings of the human body. In nature, biological cells multiply and conglomerate en masse⎯the PVC elbows of 75.150-88° are arranged into tight modular agglomerations that reference these molecular configurations. Its title refers to the chemical properties and serial classifications of its base material which, in turn, provides a direct link to biomechanics. The industrial-ness inherent in the utilitarian pipes interrelate with the framework of the building from which it parasitically hangs. 


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marktbooth/

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Website: https://www.markboothsculptor.com/


75.150-88° by Mark Booth 75.150-88° by Mark Booth 75.150-88° by Mark Booth 75.150-88° by Mark Booth 75.150-88° by Mark Booth

About the artist

Mark has a Master’s degree from UNSW. He has had solo exhibitions at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, Woollahra Gallery at Redleaf, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Five Walls (Melbourne), Conny Dietzschold, Dickerson Gallery, Alaska Projects, MOP, Factory 49, and Firstdraft, and been in group shows at Hazelhurst, Manly, and Cessnock Regional Galleries, Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, National Art School, Dominick Mersch, Brenda May, and Australian Galleries. He has been a finalist in HIDDEN Rookwood, Eden Unearthed, Northern Beaches Environmental Art Prize, Woollahra Sculpture Prize, WSU Sculpture Award, Fisher’s Ghost, Tom Bass Prize, Paddington Art Prize, Deakin University Sculpture Prize, Sculpture at Sawmillers, and Sculpture by the Sea, won the Major Award in Sculpture at Scenic World and Sculpture in the Vineyards, and was Highly Commended in the North Sydney Art Prize.  Mark has twice won a NSW Artists’ Grant (NAVA), and undertaken residences at Newington Armory and Phasmid Studios (Berlin).

Mark Booth
  • 75.150-88°
  • 2022
  • PVC pipe, nylon screws, low sheen acrylic paint
  • Sculpture
  • 600 H x 740 W x 2150 D (mm)