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Kael Stasce

About the work

Kael Stasce is concerned with the ways in which we view and understand space through constructing abstract sculptures and assemblages. The aim of his practice is to explore the relationship between visual perception and physical experience when viewing works of art. Loot is a work that actively involves the surroundings as a formal element to the composition, using the site as a motif that directly influences the construction of the art work. Using the concept of abandoned bicycle locks, the stainless steel tubular constructions behave simultaneously as objects in their own right and of a fragmented whole. This experience distorts the space, creating a strange composition of objects that seems unintentional and practical. Like the remnants of the past Loot aims to produces bold and dynamic shifts between what’s there, what’s missing and where the real value lies.


Loot by Kael Stasce Loot by Kael Stasce

About the artist

Kael Stasce has completed Bachelor of Visual Arts Honours degree at the Australian National University in 2014.

Kael Stasce
  • Loot
  • 2022
  • Installation