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Hanna Hoyne + Amanda Stuart

About the work

Our sculptural installation Sloughing Vessel presents a luminous gold-tiled floor space, from which emanate fine black mangrove tendrils. These hand crafted steel spindrels support an uncannily light, snake-skinned boat form –as though it were the shedding of its floating, living counterpart.

This work embodies components of each of our sculptural elements & conceptual drivers, transformed into a new vision. Thematically linked to the idea of transformation through the concept of anima – here, the inner self/spirit of an animal object seeks transformation. The cultural artifice of a human made lake (Burley-Griffin) is echoed in the modified vessel (a perforated boat form), which acknowledges its preposterous earthly limitations and in so doing, appeals to its internal (animal/river) state.
Each component has been a labor of love -150 wooden tiles that are gilded by hand with an Asian Prayer paper; and the new cast of a wooden boat surfaced with a reptilian skin made over three thousand hand-cut rubber scales; an ethereal vessel seemingly afloat over 50 hand forged steel mangrove tendrils.


Sloughing Vessel by Hanna Hoyne + Amanda Stuart

Photos courtesy of the artists

About the artist

Professional Biography Amanda Stuart (PhD), 2017-2018

Amanda Stuart is a Canberra based visual artist and art educator. Her sculptural works produce objects that sit in the environment to invite psychic re-imaginings of old, unhealed wounds between humans and unwanted animals. Stuart’s practice embraces drawing, installation, object making and photographic documentation and has exhibited nationally and internationally (Denmark and U.S.A). She has installed public art works in Canberra and Goulburn.

Stuart was an ANUSOAD University Medal recipient (Hons 1999); has a PhD in Visual Arts (Sculpture) and a Bachelor of Science (Land Management). She currently lectures in the Environment Studio and Sculpture workshops at ANU School of Art & Design.

This course recently received Arts ACT funding to develop and deliver outreach projects based on its unique mode of reciprocated field based learning initiatives, engaging with Indigenous communities and culture on the far southeast coast.




Professional Biography Hanna Hoyne (PhD), 2017-2018

Hanna Hoyne’s work in sculpture, design and performance, since 1997 is making sculptures for people to wear or inhabit. She is an artist, academic researcher & teacher, exhibiting in Australia, Germany and Hong Kong. She has completed a Masters (RMIT, 2004) and PhD (ANU, 2009) that included study and fieldwork in South Korea, India, Malaysia and Singapore.

Hanna was recently shortlisted for a Public Sculpture commission by Lake Macquarie Council, NSW; in 2017 she was commissioned (for Crying Dinghy) for the West Basin Redevelopment by the City Renewal Authority Canberra in collaboration with Redbox Design Group and Urban Arts Projects Brisbane. For her Cosmic Recharge Series in 2016 & 2017 she was awarded a Helen Lempriere Scholarship ($30,000) from Sculpture by the Sea; and guest speaker at the their sculpture conference at the Opera House in Sydney.

Since 2006 Hanna has taught sessionally at the Australian National University School of Art (graduate and post-graduate); has held teaching positions at the National Gallery Australia, Canberra Museum & Gallery, Canberra University; as well as delivered workshops for students of many ages.


  • Sloughing Vessel
  • 2018
  • Timber & Joss Prayer paper, resin, fibreglass tissue, steel
  • Sculpture