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Gilbert Riedelbauch

About the work

One geometric object encased in another, like a casing storing its seed, this object seems to hold an inner shape ready to break through. Ambiguous through its abstraction, material and placement, it could stand for containing and protecting – not unlike the charge in a battery. Storage of energy one of our biggest challenges – already solved in every seed by nature.


Robur by Gilbert Riedelbauch Robur by Gilbert Riedelbauch Robur by Gilbert Riedelbauch

Image and simulation by G Riedelbauch

About the artist

Building on his craft as a silversmith Gilbert Riedelbauch’s focus has shifted in recent years to making sculpture. He has a particularly interest in exploring a variety of traditional and composite materials and their integration through digital fabrication and traditional metalworking processes.


Gilbert holds qualifications from the Academy of Fine Arts Nürnberg, Germany and the Australian National University. His studio is based in Canberra from where he exhibits nationally and internationally. His works are included in major local and national collections.

  • Robur
  • 2022
  • Sculpture
  • 900 x 1100 x 900mm