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Gilbert Riedelbauch

About the work

‘Triangulatedcolumn: 3×3 gold’ is folded from a single sheet of a composite aluminium panel.This column belongs to series of objects employing the precision of digitalmanufacture – in this case CNC routing – together with manual foldingtechniques. Based on a number of geometric principles that determine both thesurface’s tessellation and the object’s proportions.

I aminterested in how a surface pattern can change a material’s behaviour. Here,the material moves differently in different directions, it becomes anisotropic.This process, while designed and planned, leads often to unexpected outcomes.‘Triangulated column: 3×3 gold’ is currently the largest exploration in scaleof this approach to working with material in my studio.

Image courtesy of the artist

About the artist

Gilbert Riedelbauch works in Canberra from where he exhibits nationally and internationally. His creative practice focuses on finding and giving form through the integration of digital fabrication together with manual making. His works include public art, sculptural-objects based on mathematical equations and more recently folded forms based on geometric principles.

He holds qualifications from the Nürnberg Academy of Fine Art (Meisterschüler), Germany, and the The Australian National University, where he currently undertakes PhD studies. His work is in the collections of the National Gallery of Australia, the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences, Sydney and the Canberra Museum & Gallery.


  • Triangulated column: 3x3 gold
  • 2018
  • Aluminium composite
  • Sculpture