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Dan Lorrimer

About the work

‘Splinter Array’ is a series of lineal sculptural objects that draw inspiration from natural crystalline structures. Each work is made up of multiple parts or splinters in a continual process of braking apart and reforming. Each time they splinter a new trajectory is found, stretching further outward creating energetic angular compositions. Each splinter feels as if it is growing, through the slow accumulation of molecules and atoms.

Photo courtesy of the artist

About the artist

Dan Lorrimer’s practice incorporates sculpture and object design. His work is driven by a deep understanding of materials, industrial processes and a keen sense of exploration through making. Lorrimer explores notions of movement, energy, solidity and illusion through minimalist sculptural forms, often located between the artificial and natural world. Over the last 7 years Lorrimer has developed a highly productive studio specialling in metal forming. Lorrimer also works with many artists and designers as a prototype and fabrication specialist.

Lorrimer graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Sculpture) from the Australian National University, Canberra in 2009 and has since established a fully equipped independent metal forming workshop. He has exhibited widely in both Sydney and Canberra and is currently represented by Flinders Lane Gallery Melbourne.


  • Splinter Array 6 from the series Splinter Array
  • 2018
  • Acid etched Stainless steel
  • Sculpture
  • Height 200cm x Width 150cm x Depth 200cm