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Barak Zelig

About the work

The Luring

‘The Luring’ is from the series ‘Shaping the Landscape’ – telling the story of an animated sculpture titled The Culprit which will continue as more sculptures are developed.

The story is about changes that we see in our landscape occurring through human intervention or nature. Sometimes these changes occur unnoticed and many times we are oblivious to them; they can be beyond our control and it may be too late to reverse them. The story is a protest about how ‘we’ are making permanent changes to our environment which will impact future generations.

In ‘The Luring’ the landscape’s trees are lured to climb on the culpritThe culprit and the trees’ fate will be revealed in the next sculptures in the series.

A key for….

‘A key for…’ is a site specific stainless-steel sculpture positioned close to the walk-way in the lake. It is semi-interactive, enabling people to look through a key handle (ring) and see Regatta Point. The work relates to the design of the lake, the plans that Walter Burley Griffin had in mind for the future, and what we see today.


The Luring, A key for... by Barak Zelig The Luring, A key for... by Barak Zelig

photo credits: Sean Davey

About the artist

Barak Zelig is a surrealist artist working in metamorphosis, using raw materials and found objects to create readymade small sculptures, and large sculptures from steel.
His artworks are often associated with the Steampunk and Avant-garde genres.
Barak interested in hybrids and the creation of a new being or item made by the amalgamation of different elements. The comments which he makes in his works are political and social and are often characterised by satire. Barak is also a skilled printmaker and designer.

He has exhibited widely in Australia and overseas since 1988 and participated in many international art exhibitions as well as competitions in Europe, Asia, and America. Barak works have been selected for inclusion as a finalist in several sculpture exhibitions including the Yarra Valley Arts, Yerring Station Melbourne, ‘Hidden’ Rookwood Cemetery Sydney, Sculpture on the Edge Bermagui, Sculpture in the Paddock Yass. He won the Re-Use Award in the Clearwater Sculpture Prize, Queanbeyan 2014. In 2013 Barak was commissioned privately to create a sculpture as a Canberra centenary gift for the centenary.

  • The Luring, A key for...
  • 2017, 2018
  • Sculpture